“Every Community on Earth Deserves a New Testament Church”


This is our mission statement and the reason Church Starts International was birthed more than 20 years ago and still exists today. God has allowed us to be at work in many countries, starting or strengthening and staffing churches on six continents. We do this through volunteer mission teams, a library of more than 40 booklets in as many as ten languages, and a plan to help new and existing churches become dynamic reproducing churches.


In 1992, CSI founder and president Bill Davis was on mission in Romania, and God gave him the vision to start and staff churches – not just in Romania, but all over the world. In 1994, CSI was founded, and since then, many dozens of churches have been started and many existing churches have become more dynamic and reproductive – mainly through nationals – as a result of partnering with CSI.


Please take some time to learn about how we view our world as three worlds in one, and our plan to reach each of these worlds. Also, feel free to view, print, and use any of our evangelistic booklets – “People Who Knew Jesus”, “Faith Power”, “First Steps in Christian Discipleship”, or the tract “God’s Eternity Quiz” for free as we work together to share the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!