Welcome to Church Starts International!

Welcome to Church Starts International!

CSI is a church starting, strengthening and staffing organization with the goal to circle the globe with the Gospel.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019 To our Dear Sisters and Brothers Across the World!

2018 has been a glorious year for Church Starts International in its forward march across our hurting world to help churches in their endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission of Our Dear Lord Jesus.

The CSI goal for 2019 is to continue taking the Great Commission as the Lord Jesus commissioned His body the Church to do two thousand years ago.

Please join us in prayer that CSI will be in time, on time, every time in full faith moving forward to the Glory of Our Dear Heavenly Father.

Attached you will find exciting news about a Chinese family, Michael and Linda and their two sons, coming from Budapest to visit with CSI, see our operations here in Henrietta, learn more about CSI and our mission, as well as visiting our great state of Texas during the Holidays (December 21 – January 4). We are looking forward to their visit and want to share their story of God’s love with you all. Their amazing testimonies are included in this article which was printed in our Henrietta newspaper on December 13, 2018.

Please continue to keep up with us and read exciting and challenging testimonies and reports on our website: www.churchstarts.com

Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year! Love in Christ, Bill Davis

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7 Steps to Evangelize the World

If churches are going to start churches all over the world they must do so through winning laborers who are still a part of the lost world. If we are going to see a movement that will take the Gospel all over the world the nationals must take responsibility for their local communities and local mission fields. Every country in the world has the means within itself to accomplish the mission work they have in their hearts to do. Some of the churches may not know how to do the mission work or even know how to start. CSI has the vision, method, means, and materials to help each one accomplish their goal. CSI’s heart’s desire is to assist each language group to joyfully make their path ready. CSI is making the examples, strategy, tools, and translations on the internet available to the whole world at no cost.

Here are seven steps that can help to achieve this goal:

  1. Literature for the Whole World – CSI has evangelistic and discipleship literature for all ages.  The materials are available in more than a dozen languages and are simple and easy to use. These materials may be downloaded through the CSI website. It is the desire of CSI that the materials eventually be translated into every language for every ethnic group.

  2. Using Technology to Fulfill the Great Commission – The Internet gives CSI the opportunity to share this amazing vision, methods, and materials with people all over the world at no cost. CSI also helps to establish regional centers to house a computer, printer, and resources to provide printed literature, including Bible Studies for All Ages, for use by volunteer leaders.  Flash drives containing CSI materials may be available through these centers.

  3. Back to Pentecost – On the day of Pentecost every person heard the Gospel in his own language (Acts 2:6-8). The resources of CSI and the internet allow simple messages for salvation and discipleship to cross oceans and ice fields, as well as cultural, ethnic, and political barriers. Even where people cannot read they have testified of the joy of hearing biblical truth taught using the simple CSI materials in their own language.

  4. Turning Bible Clubs into Sunday Schools – Volunteer leaders, even teenagers, can use the simple CSI materials to establish Bible Clubs in neighborhoods and villages.  God may use these Bible Clubs to become Sunday Schools which can even become churches.  This is the goal of a church planting movement, a great spiritual awakening.

  5. Children’s Outreach – Children are the same around the world.  Whether children come from a Christian background or have never heard the truth of the Gospel they enjoy the fascinating Bible stories, activities and coloring sheets in Bible Studies for All Ages.  The children often enjoy sharing the Bible stories with their friends and family, multiplying the message.

  6. Rapid Engagement – One Year in the Life of CSI. – Again and again God has raised up leaders to spread the gospel across the globe through CSI.  From neighbors sharing with neighbors to technology professionals utilizing the internet, God calls and engages willing witnesses to evangelize and disciple their world. The CSI strategy only requires a simple orientation, quickly equipping volunteers to engage their community.

  7. Workable Strategies – CSI Strengthening, Starting, and Staffing Churches by Clusters – CSI has developed simple strategies to engage a variety of cultures and situations. There are strategic plans that involve churches, neighborhoods, pastors, missionaries, church members, and even

    teen-agers.  These strategies may be found on the CSI Web Site.

These 7 steps depend on the necessary biblical ingredient of evangelism found in all true Biblical outreach.

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2017 has been a glorious year! We rejoice in the more than 84 Youth Volunteer Leaders who shared the love of Jesus with over 708 children attending the Church Starts International Bible Club Camps. Please take a moment to read our newsletter about two of these camps here >>>.

In Christ Love, Bro. Bill