Update on 2016 and CSI ministry

Dear Church Starts International Friends and Family,

                The purpose of this newsletter is to update you on what is happening in the 6 regions of neighborhoods in Moldova, Ukraine, Siberia, Far East Russia, Yakutia, Romania, and the great potential in China. Let us show you where they are and what they are doing. I believe this will reveal the great challenge that lies before us all and the glorious outreach opportunity across our hurting world.

                I would like to speak with you about 2016, a year when many of our goals and dreams came true before our very eyes and how many doors of real opportunity opened before us. 2016 was a great year. A year CSI had been longing for, for many years. It was a year that brought several important ministries together and answered several important questions. Like the question, “How will CSI ever get its simple, enjoyable, workable Bible studies to even the most distant and dark areas on the planet?” The answer is Bible Clubs and providing materials to Bible Clubs through computers and printers. Our strategy is to get CSI evangelism materials and Bible Stories for All Ages materials working in each of the 6 major continents of our world with regions of neighborhoods in zones as illustrated in Moldova’s North Region. The regions of neighborhoods plan had been working already in Moldova, but 2016 illustrated it perfectly with 15 new Bible Clubs. You can follow the CSI Bible Club movement on our website www.churchstarts.com . Each item spoken of in this letter should be on display on the website.

                I want you to see some of the results of our regions of neighborhoods plan of outreach by seeking the seekers, neighborhood by neighborhood, zone after zone, in one region in each country of our world. These are  a few of the events I want to share with you:

  • In February, we had a Pastor’s Evangelism Conference (including their wives) in Moldova.
  •  The founding of a new work in Siberia on the Trans Siberian Railway. The work there is flourishing now.
  • Youth Bible Club Outreach Leadership Training on May 3 with 240 youth in Moldova.
  • In May, Two Women’s Bible Club Outreach Leadership Conferences in Romania. Approximately 100 women attended. Several Americans also attended these Romanian conferences.
  • 15 Bible Clubs were started in Moldova.
  • Seven 3-5 day summer camps with 539 children and 65 youth and workers were held in Moldova.
  • A new work was started in Ukraine with a new CSI Coordinator/Translator and 5 new Bible Clubs plus a new Bible Club in an orphanage. The Coordinator/Translator is  translating the CSI basic materials into Ukrainian for use in Bible Clubs and orphanages.
  • CSI Outreach Leadership Conference in the Far East of Russia with 150 women and several men.

                How will CSI translate needed materials into the languages of the different people groups in each country? The answer is for the Nationals to translate the materials from English into their own heart language in Word format. The Word materials are then sent to CSI office in Henrietta, TX. CSI sends the word format to one of its foreign professional translators who can take any language in Word, format it into InDesign, put it into PDF, and send it back to CSI in Henrietta, TX ready for publication.

                CSI now has its basic materials translated into the language of more than 2 Billion speakers. Also now we have a system from Siberia where each person who cannot read can hear and understand in his or her own language, like at Pentecost Act 2:6. Also from Siberia CSI materials can be taught by sign language because of its simplicity.

                CSI pledges to do its best to turn each dollar received into ten dollars of value. Some believe (at least one believes) we have done this in 2016.

                The CSI needs are:

  • $2,525 monthly to keep CSI teams in full action. This amount does not include the Chinese team which just came on board and has just completed translating CSI basic materials including:  78 weeks of Bible Stories For All Ages (Old Testament 1, 2, 3 and New Testament 1, 2, 3), Is God Calling Me?, along with the evangelism series God’s Eternity QuizPeople Who Knew Jesus (the study in John), Faith Power (the study in Acts), and First Steps in Christian Discipleship.
  • Computer (laptop) with printer and extra cartridge along with paper and crayons cost $600 per set to be used with new regions of neighborhoods Bible Clubs. Currently need 10 sets in Siberia, 4 sets in Ukraine, 6 sets in Moldova, and 1 in Yakutia. We currently have 5 sets in Siberia (which will give them a total of 15 sets), 4 sets in Ukraine (which will give them a total of 8 sets),  1 set in Moldova (which will give them a total of 7 sets), and 1 set in Far East Russia.

                Please look over the website and see if you would like to make an investment in this world-wide movement. CSI is now working in more than a dozen countries and has portions of its materials in 13 different languages.

                CSI desperately needs you to be involved with us if the Lord is leading you in this direction. Let us pray and think together about a thousand computer sets for our desperate and needy world!


Love in Christ,

Bro. Bill